Edinburgh College students vote towards a ban on beef

‘changing our diets to be extra sustainable can’t clearly be left as much as individuals’

Nearly 6,000 students from Edinburgh university voted in a referendum whether or not or not to ban red meat merchandise.

The majority of college students voted in opposition to the proposal – which changed into at first put forward due to issues surrounding the climate.

The motion cautioned replacing red meat with meat-unfastened alternatives that ‘nonetheless comprise all the necessary nutrients’ and stated multiple studies showing the environmental effect of pork.

“Changing our diets to be greater sustainable can not without a doubt be left up to individuals, we need a few device changes to assist development,” it delivered.

In step with Edinburgh news, the Edinburgh college scholar’s affiliation stated: “the very last end result turned into that 58 percent of college students voted in opposition to the motion, and as an end result, the scholar’s association will keep to provide pork products as an option in our cafes, eating places, and stores.”

Beef bans

A slew of universities, consisting of goldsmiths and the University of Helsinki, has banned pork merchandise from its campuses.

The college of Cambridge announced the remaining year it had slashed its food-related emissions by ditching beef and lamb.

“Sustainability is extraordinarily important to our college students and body of workers and we wanted to ensure that we were now not only responding to their needs however pushing what was taken into consideration possible in a catering environment,” stated nick white, head of the university catering provider.
“This has worried about making sacrifices but it’s been actually the right component to do. it’s approximately making the proper preference easy.”