‘It’s heartbreaking that cows and their babies are being forcibly separated all so we can stock up our supermarket shelves’

Basic entitlements good cause Animal Equality has ‘hit back’ at Februdairy, a month-long star dairy activity, with its most recent announcement battle.

The association will dispatch boards in ten significant UK cities*, expecting the counter dairy message to arrive at in excess of ten million individuals all through February.

Crowdfunding for the crusade was upheld by Downton Abbey star and veggie lover advocate Peter Egan.

‘It’s unfortunate’

In an announcement sent to Plant Based News, Abigail Penny, Acting Executive Director of Animal Equality stated: “Clueless buyers across Britain will be astonished to find the privileged insights that this industry keeps from us. It’s unbelievable that 95,000 exposed male calves are slaughtered in the UK every year essentially in light of the fact that they don’t create milk.

“Also, it’s unfortunate that bovines and their infants are by and large persuasively isolated all so we can stock up our grocery store racks. Creature Equality’s advertisement battle will sparkle a light on the genuine expense of dairy.

“Unfenced, grass-bolstered, natural or something else, these practices are an integral part of each dairy procedure. With such a large number of brutality free and ecologically economical options readily available it’s never been simpler to drop dairy from our eating regimens.”

*The bulletins will show up in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester, Southampton, Nottingham, and Birmingham


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