Tasty cranberry millet

Portions: 4, approximately 1 cup per serving Cooking time: 8 minutes. Preparation time: 5 minutes. Passive time: 10 minutes. Ingredients: Bowl of homemade cranberry sauce 1 tablespoon coconut oil1 cup chopped sweet yellow onion2 cloves garlic,...

Spice Apple Oats

Serves: Autumn apple oat crumble cake with cinnamon. 4, approximately 1 cup per serving Cook Time: 6 minutes Preparation Time: 5 minutes Passive Time: 5 minutes Ingredients: Autumn...
You should not miss your weekly omelet if you decide to go vegan! Instead, you can easily replace it with this delicious protein-rich vegan recipe made with chickpea flour. Chickpea flour (besan) is readily available in most Asian grocery stores. Note that 100 grams of chickpea flour...

Vegan Banana Pancakes

These high protein vegan pancakes are made using soymilk, vegan butter or vegetable/coconut/olive/hazelnut oil. Plant protein powder replaces regular flour which ensures that these pancakes are super protein-rich despite not containing any eggs. Ingredients Breakfast oatmeal pancakes with banana,...
Ingredients Vegan sweet potato brownie on white table. Healthy vegan dessert concept. 2-3 overripe bananas ½ cup nut butter of your choice (you can use peanut butter or almond butter, etc.) 2 tbsp. cocoa powder ...
Pudding Serves: approximately 4 ¾ cup per serving Cooking time: 7 minutes. Preparation time: 5 minutes. Passive time: 20 minutes. Ingredients: Healthy breakfast. Buckwheat Porridge. Raw buckwheat vegan breakfast smoothie bowl with fresh blueberry, nuts, chia seeds and bee...
1 scoop of brown rice protein powder used in this recipe contains nearly 28 grams of protein. Ingredients Healthy vegan oat muffins, apple and banana cakes on a cooling rack Grey textile background Top view Copy space
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